Who invented the telephone

Long said that who invented the telephone was the scientist and Scottish-born American inventor Alexander Graham Bell, along with Elisha Gray, but Bell was not who I think the phone, only registered the first patent in the year of 1876. Gray recorded the second patent.

In June 2002 the United States Congress resolution 269 decreed that Antonio Meucci was who invented the phone, that I called it teletrofono. Economic problems only Meucci could briefly describe his invention but not patented it.

Brief history of the invention of the telephone:
Description of the what is phone: is a telecommunications device designed to transmit by means of electric signals (beeps) distance.
In the year of 1857 Antonio Meucci built and installed a rudimentary telephone to connect your office in the basement of his home in Staten Island with the bedroom on the second floor, because his wife could not navigate the House that suffered from rheumatism. But not having enough money he could not patent his invention. Meucci took his invention of the telephone to the Western Union company but they paid no attention and stayed with the materials, it is not proven but it is said that these materials fell in the hands of Alexander Graham Bell, who use them to create your phone.
Then in 1876 Bell discovered that to transmit the human voice should be a continuous current, then built and patented the first phone capable of transmitting and receiving quality human voice. Bell patent only occurred a few hours before the Elisha Gray.
Another important person was Thomas Alva Edison who incorporated him notable improvements to the phone, as the microphone of granules of carbon which increased its broadcast power.
Antonio Meucci was recognized as the inventor of the telephone in the year of 2002 by the Congress of the United States. Bell patent was questionable from the beginning since according to said Bell had someone who helped him in the Patent Office and warned him with time that would compare two Gray’s and Bell’s patents to discard the worst and the most expensive. Bell was able thanks to his friend compare patents and added a note to hand where he described an alternative design just like the Gray to the patent of it.

red telephone box, wimpole

The first years of the history of the telephone in Mexico:
In 1878, the first successful telephone test between the city of Mexico and the then remote population of Tlalpan, which today is one of the political delegations of the Federal District was held in Mexico. Of the Federal District Department (DDF) and Alfredo Westrup l’empresa and company signed a contract to communicate to six police stations that then had the city, with the offices of the Inspector General and the Minister of the Interior.
Between 1879 and 1880 the first private networks, is tended and on July 19, 1881, was granted permission to the U.S. M.L. Greenwood to install a network of public service in the city of Mexico, and the Telefónica Mexican company, a subsidiary of Telefónica de Boston, which later, in 1905, changed its company name to Mexican Telegraph and telephone company was founded in 1882S.A. He was born the first telephone company in the country.
The first years of the history of the telephone in Colombia:
1878 First communications telephone experimental in Bogota.
1885 Opens the phone service in Bogota.
1885 Opens the particular telephone service in Barranquilla
1890 Began operations the telephone company of Cúcuta. In Bogotá soar to 100 the number of their phones.
1890. The Department of Antioquia and the municipality of Medellín, is a telephone company and request New York appliances
1891 Comes into operation the first telephone plant with 50 units.
1894 New repairs and extensions to the telephone exchange of Bogotá, increase the number of switches and employees to meet the growing demand of the service.
1896. The telephone exchange in Bogota provides service to 500 subscribers
1899. The company’s phones of Cartagena starts its work, owned by local merchants.
1900 In Barranquilla and Santa Marta, operates the telephone of the J.P. Dieter “West Indies”
1904 Is invented the direct-dial telephone.

1909 A total of 1250 phones operate. in Colombia, just 50 more than the previous year.
1910 Bogota reaches 400 handsets and country to 1300.
29 January 1911: Alfonso Villegas Restrepo, cover “El Tiempo” in Bogota.
First radiotelegraph in Colombia stations.
The intendance of Telegraph, dependent is created exclusively Government.
1912. The Colombian Government contracts with the firm “Gasellschaff für Brahtluse Télégraphie” of Berlin, for the construction of a radiotelegraph station; phones amounted to 2000, 800 of which, operating in Bogota.


The Cali telephone company, settles with 250 subscribers and extends service to Palmira, with 45 units in use.

The telephone system of Medellin has 400 subscribers, and it is operated by the Government.

The first years of the history of the telephone in the Argentina:

The service with permanent and commercial exploitation began in 1881 when in the city of Buenos Aires the first authorizations were granted for the installation of telephones to three foreign companies, two European and an American. The first telephone was installed in the private residence of the then Minister of the Interior Dr. Bernardo de Irigoyen; the second at the residence of the President of the nation Julio A. Roca; and the third at the home of the President of the municipality Marcelo T. de Alvear. Until the year of 1929 was achieved to get the first telephone link between Argentina and Europe

The company Union telephone of the Rio de la Plata was created during the year of 1882 in the Republic of Argentina, in the Argentina resulting from the fusion of the Société du Pantelephone L. De Locht et Cie and the company Telefónica of the Rio de la Plata, in 1886 it acquired the Gower-Bell telephone company. It had 6,000 initial subscribers in 1886.

During the Government of Gral. Juan Domingo Perón, in 1946, the State began to directly intervene the telephony market, through the creation of the joint company Telefonica Argentina EMTA, which nationalized the assets and liabilities of Union telephone, main company activity.

In January 1956 the Government created national ENTel telecommunications company, as a State owned company.

At the end of the Decade of the eighties, the basic telephone service (SBT) was provided by: ENTel, operating a 3,300,000 fixed lines representing 90% of the market of the country; 6% was covered by two companies; and the remaining 4% included some 300 local telephone cooperatives that provided the service independently since the end of the 1950s.

In 1989 he began the process of privatization of ENTEL, by a need for development of infrastructure and investments. That year President Carlos Menem stepped in the company, while the National Congress, said it subject to concession and privatization.

In November 1990, the southern area was awarded to the Spanish telephone and Northern Telecom of France, in partnership with STET of Italy. Contracts were granted licenses involving an exclusive permission to the SBT for a period of seven years, renewable for three years more conditioned to the fulfillment of certain goals of the specification.

The period of exclusivity ended in 2000. Since telephone service is provided by three types of operators: historical providers – Telecom and Telefonica-, independent operators – local cooperatives and municipalities that provided the service since before its privatisation – and the starters providers – companies and cooperatives that began to serve once exclusivity period.